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The Differences Between a Wedding Planner and a Venue Coordinator

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

“I have a venue coordinator, I don’t need a wedding planner”

This is such a huge misconception and so many people think that because their venue has a coordinator they do not need a wedding planner, but the first difference is that your coordinator works for the venue, your wedding planner works for you!

As a wedding venue coordinator, many years ago(!) I LOVED working with wedding planners, they made everything… easier! They knew how the day ran, they knew what I needed and when I needed it and helped keep things on track. They knew the who’s, the what’s, the where’s and the why’s.

I knew my job was an important role for the couple getting married, but I didn’t have the time to dedicate to each client to offer the full support a wedding planner could offer. For example, when I worked in a wedding venue, I had a list of recommended suppliers, but I couldn’t research specific ones to suit each couple and their budget.

It is so important that we know the difference between the two roles and understand the importance of them both, so that you know what to expect from each person.

Venue Coordinator

· Show you around the venue and answer any questions related to the venue

· Create a time schedule for the wedding day for the venue to work to

· Advise on recommended suppliers, which are trusted but may have paid to be recommended

· Protect the interest of the venue

· They may not be there on the day, there may be a separate team for sales, planning and delivering your day

· They may be planning multiple weddings on that weekend or even on your wedding day

· On average, they will be in touch 8-12 weeks before your wedding to go through all your details you have planned yourself, without their assistance

· They generally do not set up décor or liaise with your suppliers

Wedding Planner

· Works for you

· Researches and negotiates with suppliers that suit you, your style and your budget

· Plans and manages your budget

· Becomes a non-bias mediator

· Protects you

· Creates a time schedule for every aspect of your wedding, suited to your needs

· Will be there on the day, day before and day after if needed

· Will be there to coordinate at the church or ceremony site if different to the reception venue

· Provides unlimited support in your wedding planning process

· The list can go on…!

Both roles are important but are very different.

As a wedding planner, I appreciate the work that venue coordinators put in, their passion shines through as they work tirelessly for the wedding venue. I have worked with some amazing coordinators, some really do go above and beyond for their couples and they really know how their venue works best, but when someone suggests you do not need a wedding planner because your venue has a coordinator, just remember the difference in roles, responsibilities and priorities so that you know what to expect and are not disappointed.